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If you’re looking for exterior house painting ideas, then you need to consider which colours are popular this year. Every few months, new colour palettes and interior decorating ideas flood the market, but 2016’s trends are bold enough to ensure your new coat of paint won’t bore you after a few months or even years. Here are some of the colours to consider:

Combine natural elements with metallic looks

Many home owners prefer natural colours. If this sounds like the type of look and feel you’re interested in, then you will be glad to know that one of the popular colour palettes this year is natural looks with paint colours that include browns which look like weathered wood and fresh greens which make you think of fresh vegetables. You can also make this look bolder by combining it with smooth cement or metallic greys to give your home’s exterior a funky, modern feel.

Seasonal colors

Another popular trend this year is mixing holidays, festivals and cultural looks. Browns and oranges, which are often associated with autumn and Thanksgiving, are being combined to give homes a warm, autumnal feel. Designers are also mixing pastel colours with vibrant yellows and blues to imitate spring and Easter. Consider which holidays your family enjoys and bring this element into your house painting job.

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