Garage Doors and Floors

Garage Doors and Floors

Garage Doors

For many homes, the garage door is a large portion of the face of the house. Garage doors are exposed to wind, rain, snow, ice and intense sunshine through the year in our Ottawa climate.  As such, they fade, peel and crack.  A fresh coat of paint on a garage door will go a long way to improving the curb appeal of your home.

Oliver Painting has the knowledge and experience to properly prepare the surface of the door for painting and selecting and applying the most appropriate primer and paint for any garage door material.

Garage Floors

A clean garage floor will not only look good, it will make keeping the inside of your home cleaner as less dirt will be tracked in from the garage.  Painting or coating a garage, or other concrete floor with epoxy is a process with several steps including:

  • cleaning the floor,
  • repairing cracks,
  • etching the concrete,
  • applying primer and paint or epoxy.

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