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Epoxy Coatings, Exterior Stucco and Caulking

Epoxy Coatings, Exterior Stucco and Caulking

There are various surfaces and structures around the outside of the house that require care to keep them looking great and extending their useful life.  For these surfaces and structures, Oliver Painting can provide the service and expertise required to keep your home in tip top shape.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are typically used in swimming pools and on garage floors.  In a swimming pool, a fresh coating of epoxy will maintain the pool seals watertight integrity.  Epoxy on a garage floor allows the owner to keep the floor spotless.  Once an epoxy coat is set on your garage floor, it lasts a lifetime and will show no wear and tear.

Epoxy comes in two components that must be mixed together.  The first component, typically referred to as “A” is the epoxy resin.  The second component, typically referred to as “B” is polyamine hardener. B can also be anhydride.  Before applying, the epoxy resin is mixed with the hardening agent.  Applying the mixture requires the use of epoxy rollers or industrial sprayers.  It is important that the person applying the epoxy wear appropriate protective gear and clothing.

Exterior Stucco

Stucco finishes on homes can be very attractive.  In warm, dry climates many homes are finished in this material.  Moisture is hard on stucco, and as such, in Ottawa, stucco finishes are less prevalent.  If you do have a stucco finished home in Ottawa, it is important to maintain it properly.  Age and condition of the stucco are taken into consideration when choosing paint.  Color choice is also important as the sun and the elements will fade the paint over time.  Of course you need a paint that will withstand extreme heat and cold plus snow, ice and rain in the Ottawa climate.


Caulking both finishes off the look and is an important part of weather-proofing your home or commercial building.  Oliver Painting can help you fix gaps on windows and window frames, as well as completely replace old caulking that is no longer providing a proper seal.  We can do this for homes and for the exteriors of commercial buildings.