Wallpaper and a new coat of paint can transform a dull-looking room into a vibrant, modern space. We’ve rounded up some of our best house painting tips to help interior decorators, home owners and DIY enthusiasts bring wallpaper and paint together:

Painting over wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper can be particularly challenging. Generally, a skilled painter will only paint over wallpaper in a location where there was asbestos behind the walls. Painting directly over wallpaper can lead to bubbles. To reduce the risk of bubbling, first one would use oil paint to seal it, then latex would be applied over the wallpaper.

For a residential project, one should rather remove the wallpaper and deal with the work of preparing the surface.  The investment in this work will pay off as the finished product will be much better.

Prep the spaces

When bringing wallpaper and paint together, you want the finished product to look as natural as possible. Prepare the space by using either chalk or masking tape around seams, windowsills and ceiling joints so that you don’t go over the lines. Use a sander on the edges of the wallpaper so that the texture difference between the paint and the wallpaper isn’t noticeable.

Choose the right colour

An important part of bringing wallpaper and paint together is choosing colour combinations that work well. Too many people go out of their way to find a paint colour that exactly matches their wallpaper, when they would’ve been better off finding a more complimentary colour. If the wallpaper is deep blue, for example, test different colours of grey, light blue or even creams to see how it responds with the darker blue. If you have a patterned wallpaper that you need to match with a paint colour, try choosing one of the less noticeable colours to see how you can accentuate the intricacies of the wallpaper.

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