It’s hard to resist getting wrapped up in all the Christmas cheer and warmth that defines December, so why even bother trying. You probably entertain a lot more in the festive season, which means your interiors may need a new lick of paint or a fresh colour scheme. Oliver Paintingin  Ottawa has some Christmas-themed interior house painting ideas to warm up your heart and your home.

Cozy colours

Most decorators agree that the top three colours for creating a cozy and subsequently ‘Christmassy’ atmosphere are browns, reds and golds. Update your walls with hues of these colours and you’ll transform your home into a holiday wonderland. If you love the joy of Christmas, but want to play it down a little, consider painting only a feature wall in one of the Christmas colours. Just make sure you love the colours you choose enough that you’re still happy with them come January.

Ensure that you use complementary colours (ones that are opposite each other on the colour wheel) to create harmony. You don’t have to stick to basic red and green to create a Christmas effect, using a fern green with a rose red is just as effective as the usual cherry red and holly green and it’s subtle enough to be continued throughout the house.


Cold Christmas weather means that guests will be warmly gathered indoors for those lunches, dinners and cocktail parties, and it also means more wear and tear on your walls. Use top quality paint that is stain-resistant and that wipes clean to ensure your walls look as good as new all season.

If you need a few more house painting tips, or for more information, contact Oliver Painting in Ottawa today.