A fresh coat of paint can give your business a new look and add value, both visually and financially, and all without breaking the bank. A professional painting company, such as Ottawa House Painters, can help you update your business far more economically than taking on costly and stressful renovations.

Besides the obvious visual pleasure of freshly-painted interior and exterior walls, here are five benefits of fresh paintwork:

  1. Inspiration

Colour can either inspire or inhibit. Research shows that productivity is affected by one’s environment. If your employees seem like they’re stuck in a rut, perhaps try a colour update to boost their productivity. It’s generally advised to avoid painting all the walls white. An accent wall is an effective way to add colour.

  1. Health and wellness

Painting your interior walls every few years helps keep them clean and gets rid of dust, which helps those who suffer from allergies and also means there’s less need for expensive air purifiers. Ensure you use high-quality paints to maximise this benefit.

  1. Protection

Exterior walls are constantly exposed to harsh elements. Adding a fresh coat of paint helps protect the walls from damp, rust, rot and other water damage and also prolongs the life of the surfaces.

  1. Aesthetics

Chips and cracks are an eyesore to any structure and don’t give a good impression. A lick of paint is a simple and cheap way to hide the flaws until you have the time and budget to repair them properly.

  1. Brand and identity

Repainting gives you the opportunity to re-align your building with your brand. With a few simple and clever colour choices you can create symmetry between your marketing material, your image and your work space, which immediately makes your business more professional.

If you’re ready to paint and need a few house-painting ideas contact Oliver Painting Ottawa today.