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House painting tips: The right way to remove unwanted wallpaper

House painting tip number 1: Beautiful wallpaper adds an extra-special touch, whilst out-of-date, peeling wallpaper can bring the value and look of your home, or business, right down. If you’ve ever tried to remove wallpaper yourself, you’ll know that it’s a messy and time-consuming job. That’s why at Oliver Painting Ottawa, we do it for you quickly and professionally, simply contact us for a free quote.

Wallpaper can be removed the good old-fashioned way (with your bare hands and water), with a chemical solution, or with steam. If you do decide to forsake a professional painting company and take the do-it-yourself route, here are some helpful tips for the water method:

The preparation

  • Make sure you don’t damage your wall in the process.
  • Keep the surrounding areas from getting damaged by taping plastic to the skirting and floor.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Take off all light switch and plug covers.

The hard part

  • Use a putty knife to lift off an edge (try a corner first) and then pull the paper off.
  • Remove the top layer but try and leave the backing on.
  • Wet the backing with a sponge or mop – the water needs to be left for a while to be absorbed. Take note: the water needs to be as hot as you can handle.
  • Now you can start to scrape off the backing. Use a spatula or a putty knife for this job ensuring it has rounded edges so as to not make holes in your wall.
  • You may need to spray on a wallpaper solvent on any stubborn sections.
  • Ensure you get every last inch of backing off if you want a smooth and clean result.
  • Clean the wall with water.

Patch and shine

  • Now it’s time to patch and repair your sparkly, clean walls.
  • Fill up any holes and sandpaper the whole area.

Your wall is now ready for a fresh coat of paint, or it can even be wallpapered with an updated look.

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The difference between residential and commercial painting services

If you’re doing research about hiring a painting company, then it’s worth your while to research the difference between residential and commercial painting. While the average man on the street might not think there’s a big difference, there are actually a few key differences that can make or break the success of your paint job. Some of these differences include:

  • Commercial painters can handle larger paint jobs: Commercial painters are used to taking orders for larger paint jobs, such as office parks, industrial buildings or retail outlets. They will typically have access to special wholesale paint prices, more staff to help with the paint job and are able to complete the job within a shorter amount of time. Commercial painters will also be able to schedule the paint job after office or trade hours in order to ensure their presence doesn’t disturb your staff or clients.
  • Residential painters might be more inclined to do unique paint finishes, murals, etc.: Homeowners have a unique set of needs when it comes to painting their homes. They might want an antique effect in their living room and a mural in the kids’ play room. Not all commercial painters will be interested in these often time-consuming jobs, which is why you should rather hire a residential painter.

With Oliver Painting, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do we take on large, commercial projects, but we also have the time, patience and expertise to handle all your home painting needs. For more information about our painting services, contact us today.